Kathmandu meridian school has introduced a very effective system “Class Meeting” to make students enable in terms of decision making. It is held for 2 days in a week for lower secondary and 2 days for primary students. In which meeting the class teachers of the respective class takes an initiative.

A class meeting is an excellent multipurpose tool for the classroom management. This simple strategy of setting aside time for students to discuss classroom issues as a group can yield far-reaching benefits in terms of following issues:

Teaching Strategies:

Social and Emotional Issues 

Classroom Organization  

Behavior Management  

Classroom Management


Class Meeting enables students to take a decision and involve themselves in brainstorming activities. They can be involved to take an important decision such as “How cheating should be handled?” or “What can we do about teasing in the school”.

While each teacher and class need to find what works best for them, it is worthwhile to have a weekly time set aside for class meetings. It may require only 20 to 30 minutes, but it will be a time well spent together finding solutions for overall betterment.