It is a visit done by a teacher to the student’s home in the hope of increasing connections between school staff and students in their community as well. There are many possible goals for these visits including: bridging cultural barriers, reporting on academic progress, enlisting parental support to increase academic achievement, and giving parents the tools to do so.

The Parents Teacher Home Visits of students are a fast, inexpensive and replicable strategy for engaging families, educators and students as a team. For years, research has shown that families are essential to student and for the school’s success too. Secondly, even schools that understand the importance of families run into complex barriers that can be achieved in the way of partnership with every parents.

Once the teacher and the family of student have done the home visit, they are mutually supportive and accountable for each other. The family is better able to support in their child’s academics, and the teacher brings up a report that what s/he has learnt about the child in the classroom.

Home visits also provide a positive opportunity to meet parents/ guardians and the families are meaningfully informed about their child’s academic standard. In fact, the PTHV model is an outstanding way of a teaching learning procedure in a school.