Kathmandu Meridian School is truly action oriented school in which we educate our valuable students through Project Based Activity (PBA), Do It Yourself (DIY) and Action Based Appraisal (ABA) approaches. We are very passionate about our students being empowered towards success. We use all tools available to inspire our staffs, students and communities to work together to excel students’ achievement and well- being.

I have always been enthusiastic supporter of effective and innovative professional development. It encourages teachers and principals to be reflective and to continuously examine our practice offering quality teaching and learning for each student by instigating an effective system such as Continuous Assessment System (CAS). As a principal, I always emphasis keeping up with the latest trends research and be an active contributor in the school’s overall professional development.

In my opinion, triumph in school is only achieved with the support and dedication of the inspirational and passionate teachers. In pedagogy of education there is always a need of efficient, well equipped and skilled teachers who can be molded by organizing frequent workshops and trainings. KMS frequently organized workshops, seminars and trainings administered by national and international key note speakers to foster our teachers’ educational proficiency.

Parent’s engagement and involvement is always given a top priority by KMS through Parents and teachers Conference (PTC), Parents Involvement in Teaching (PIT), friendly matches and tournaments and more so that they can share their life learning experiences.

There are ample of academic and non-academic program in our school. Kathmandu Meridian School has launched the concept of Club and Activities Department in which we have introduced more than 15 club categories of Arts, Sports and Curricular including French and Chinese language where students get classes by the professional mentors.

In the school where qualities matters the most, we have tried to replicate the mixture of learning, adventure, creativity and positive approach of our children through the use of smart board along with activity based teaching approach. I hope this effort of Kathmandu Meridian School will serve to create a dynamic, efficient and capable generation in the days yet to come.

Founder Principal

Dinesh Nyaupane

Kathmandu Meridian School