In order to improve the student’s dexterity the use of multimedia is a must. Kathmandu Meridian School facilitates its students and teachers and encourages them to incorporate multimedia inside the classrooms too through the use of smart boards. The multimedia comprises of all forms of media like videos, photographs, graphs, maps, games etc. making it extremely dynamic in nature. it is a technologically enhanced replacement of white and black boards. It provides teachers new way to teach and students’ new way to learn. They are grand, neat and easy to use.

It has several benefits for instance it helps student envision their lessons more easily by using static or dynamic media. It scaffolds learning through activities enhanced by videos, websites, blogs, software and more. It also makes the content of the lesson more alive and interesting for the students and gives them easy access to locate them online through high speed internet. With smart boards and E-classes teachers are able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses of their students in various subjects which needs more focus and review.

The use of smart boards help the learners stay ahead with technology making learning and teaching fun and efficient.