Evaluation system measures the performance of students through academic and non-academic aspects. The students need to be evaluated to review and relearn the lessons they have been getting from school. Kathmandu Meridian School has introduced several assessment systems like  Project Based Activity (PBA)where students are given creative project works based on the content of their lessons , Do it yourself(DIY), Weekly Evaluation Test (WET) where once a week test are conducted to retrieve the knowledge they have gained throughout the whole week, General Evaluation(GE) where students overall performance like homework and class work submission, attention in class, evaluation from parents of their children and a lot more are noted, Closed Education Program( CEP) where students struggling with their lessons are given especial attentions. Overall evaluation system are conducted through CAS (continuous assessment system) which shows how much the students have progressed under the instructions they are given for their betterment.     

Kathmandu Meridian School has got a unique and effective mechanism for the students’ evaluation regarding academics. School has designed effective tools and system according to various parameters to evaluate the student correctly on the basis of CAS. There are several methods and appraisal at KMS which enhance their academic excellences and they are listed as follows.

  • CAS (Contentious Assessment System)

  • Weekly Evaluation System (WES)

  • General Monthly Evaluation System

  • Action Based Appraisal

  • Project work

  • Remedial Test