Kathmandu Meridian School always lay great emphasis on child’s holistic development. We give highest emphasis to academics as well as extracurricular activities because we believe these two aspects are the two faces of a coin which never be underestimated. Kathmandu Meridian School of course follows the curriculum of Nepal Government prescribed by CDC though to deliver high quality education we combines a global perspective and the best international methodologies along with Nepalese CDC syllabus and curriculum which helps to enable and equip the children of Kathmandu Meridian School to excel globally. We work towards bringing out the latent talents of our children and hone their skills so that they achieve perfection in their respective spheres. There is a thoughtful balance between teacher-directed work and child-directed activities. Young children learn from everything they do since they are naturally curious. If their explorations and discoveries bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more. Our children form attitudes about learning that last a lifetime. It is not surprising therefore that our children remain adventurous learners throughout their lives.

Kathmandu meridian school has been following curriculum prescribed by CDC, Sanothimi in which we made the curriculum objectives rich and more practical keeping with the latest educational trends and techniques and offers a wide variety of practical application avenues that makes it both challenging and rewarding. As a quality school, our aim is to develop each of its students to achieve excellence and realize their full potential in an environment of encouragement and acceptance.

The key aspects for school academic excellence which strengthen the curriculum are enlisted as follows.

  • DEAR Program

  • IEP (Individualized educational Program) Department

  • CEP (Close Educational Program) Department

  • Use of Interactive smart board teaching learning methods

  • Practical learning and observation approach (Field visit/excursion)

  • Regular Cambridge English Assessment

  • Action Based Appraisal

  • Project Based Activities and assessment