Kathmandu Meridian School is conducting Cambridge English Test for its students from classes 2 to 8. We believe that learning English should be fun and stimulating for children. Taking a Cambridge English test is an excellent way of motivating your child to learn and showing how much progress he or she has made.

Cambridge English tests are a part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the world-famous University of Cambridge, UK. So, we can be sure that this test will help our child to do their very best at English.

Cambridge English can help every child progressing in the English, on the base of the internationally recognized standards. The tests focus on day to day English that covers the familiarity, interesting topics and is designed to develop the skills that every individual child needs to communicate. A Cambridge English test gives a child a clear path to improve his/her English. The tests offer natural progression towards other Cambridge courses, builds up confidence in English step by step. Academic provision as well as parent guidance and influence will prove to prosper their academic socialization in English together.

The tests are aligned with the common European international standard for describing language ability. The tests cover all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and include fun activities to motivate your child to do well. The tests are designed to be fair to students of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds and are supported by a dedicated research programmers.

OUR Cambridge programs are listed as follows: