Establishing ourselves as an action based school the school dwells with the different such as PBAs, DIYs, presentations, group works and different types practical as well as creative projects which always signifies our school in a unique way. It also enables our students to enlarge their thinking in a broad manner. Regarding the different approaches introduced in our school, we constantly try to present our studies in such a way that it can leave a distinguished mark on our students’ lives.

Primary Education:

The primary education especially focused and based on the action-based learning approaches that include the different action approaches that the teachers apply to teach their lessons. It is the 100% action approach and the teaching also provides variations in teaching methodology.

Lower/Secondary Education:

The lower secondary education also comprises the activities based learning but not as much as the primary level. As there is a necessity to meet the CDC’s study level we have been equally concentrating towards the research-based learning approaches too for the seniors to date.